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Time:09:56 pm
i hate you livejournal
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Time:09:42 pm
havent updated in a long time

eric is back and i am so happy that he is here all the time and i dont have to be so lonely and crazy without him

things are going good excpet for the friday nights i get drunk and he does too and we get in fights because most of the time i act stupid and he doesnt get me quite yet

other than those bad nights we get along really good and i have the best time in the world with him.....its crazy to think that you could be with someone forever but sometimes when im just laying in his arms i just never want it to end

he is my safe place and my place to escape everything that is going on.....i wish that we still didnt live so far away from each other cause it sucks that every holiday or any break he is gone when i just want someone to exchange christmas gifts with and to get a kiss at midnight on new years or get wasted on spring break but i guess im just selfish cause his life is there and his family is there

iv had alot of fun so far this year living so close is good but i think it could be horrible if anything bad happens between us i just cant imagine seeing him ride in with another girl on the back of his bike.....blah

in other news i finally quit smoking it took a bad experience to finally get me to quit and im really glad that i finally did and i want to show you how much you mean to me

i realized over the past few weeks i kinda miss all the fun times i had with my high school friends......even though my college friends are alot more real and alot cooler its just our personalities when we were drunk just fit together so well but i guess we grow out of things

im sooo poor so if u have money dont be shy to share with me

well im gonna go study so i dont fail out of college this year
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Subject:my sexy boyfriend has a motorcycle
Time:04:39 pm
i was gonna update about night two but my stupid internet doesnt work and now my digital cable doesnt work maybe didnt pay the bill i dont know.

some highlights were

rocky gettting naked again and puking in erin's sink

rocky throwing up on the mattress and than taking a shower in front of everyone

than passed out on the couch and everyone drew all over that poor kid in sharpie like covered his entire face and body and he had a plane to catch at like 6am that would be so embarassing

ted and jill....need i say more

erin and everyone else punching holes through dee's door and travis putting his head through it and nick drop kicking it

things are good between eric and me know and im so glad it was so cute we both fell asleep on the phone today it was the cutest thing cause i could just wake up and say eric and we could talk again

i miss him so much it sucks but now he is coming to tahoe and i get to see him friday night and i couldnt be happier about that

family vacation in like 5 days than eric is back in like 3 days for the school year aaaahhhh im so excited

all my roommates were gone this weekend so i decided that i was gonna move kari in cause she hadnt unpacked or put away anything really so i took some time and did that so now she is gonna have a surprise when she gets back hopefully she likes it

thats all iv got for now
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Subject:never ending cycle
Time:07:21 pm
last night was insane

it was my roommate laura's 19th birthday so we had a keg on a monday night
played many many games of beer pong and kicked some serious ass
i think i consumed over 15 beers i think thats a record for me

here are some highlights of the night

the missions.....haha so 8th grade but so funny

buying a second keg at 11:30 and than sitting shotgun on erin's lap with no one else in the car but kari....it seems lately that i sit shotgun more than driver....is that bad? with a keg in the back and all of us under 21

ted kicking down kari's door because she though she locked her keys in there but to her surprise when they kicked it down people were fucking on her bed....out of all of us for it to be kari's room is funny

playing more beer pong

calling eric and cursing at him and calling him mean names and leaving messages where it mostly consisted of curses

saving rocky from the clown

passing out at like 3am and than waking up and seeing erin laying on my floor

having a beer the next morning when i get up

finding out that people were trying to wake me up and throwing water on me and putting it in my ear and i never knew

getting dumped

going to ihop still drunk

it was a crazy night but it was alot of fun minus all the drama and problems that came of it......oh and i missed class damit

round 2 is about to start in an hour or so and im so scared........i will go to class and than have lunch with my mom

love you and i really hope that u are able to come to tahoe with me.........sorry about the drunk bitch messages
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Time:06:05 pm
iv had a really good week minus some stupid bullshit

went to the secret jimmy eat world show and sweated like a fat bitch and became deaf
hanging out with alot of people
saturday was the hawaiian party that lasted like 10 mins because big parties arent so much fun when you are baked out of your mind
last night was awesome though we played drunked dodgeball at jill's
it was such a good time and we had a alot of fun getting drunk and playing on the tennis court

haha i cant even believe this shit
i hate being treated like a jerk and a fucking dog......but who wouldnt i guess

everything is ok if you do but as long as i dont everything is perfect..right perfect
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Time:01:16 pm
Happy Birthday Eric

i wish i was up there but im not so ill just deal with it
summer school is almost over only like 2 weeks
than i get to go to tahoe i really need this vacation and its gonna be sooo much fun i cant wait

im so confused and dont know what to do

im getting bored writing in my journal cause no one reads it or comments in it so im probably not even gonna make the effort anymore
all i do is bitch in it anyways so no big loss
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Time:02:19 pm
going through some real fuckin rough times
i hope that we can get through this and everything will go back to normal when u are here

The first star I see, may not be a star.
We can't do a thing but wait.
So lets wait for one more.
And the time, such clumsy time in deciding if it's time.
I'm careful, but not sure how it goes.
You can lose yourself in your courage.

When the time we have now ends.
When the big hand goes round again.
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?

And the mindless comfort grows,
when I'm alone with my great plans.
And this is what she says gets her through it:
"If I don't let myself be happy now then when?"
If not now when?

When the time we have now ends.
When the big hand goes round again.
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?

I close my eyes and believe wherever you are,
you're an angel for me.

When the time we have now ends.
When the big hand goes round again.
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?
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Time:07:45 pm
got back from visiting eric in mass

i feel in love with that place its probably one of the most beautiful places i have been
the small town and all the green and pretty houses
i had always wished i grew up in a place like that

i had alot of fun while i was up there
went to boston and the drive was awesome smoked some j's and had alot of fun with you
i still cant believe u denied me so hardcore

i love every second that i was with you it was an amazing time even when we just layed together playing game boy
and who can forget that guy walking his dog while we were uhhh....busy

im glad that i will be able to come back.....even if we got in trouble it was worth it to me to get to sleep with you for the night

i wish i was still there with you in ur car holding your hand and knowing im so happy and nothing else matters

i cant wait to see u again on ur birthday im gonna get u such a good present so look out

i love you with all my heart and i miss you alot.......i love wearing ur shirt and having it smell just like you

i hate school and work
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Current Music:new tbs
Subject:i love taking back sunday
Time:07:55 am
Current Mood:grumpygrumpy
i got the new taking back sunday cd from kari and it seriously rocks my world

so on thursday i was sitting in my room and in comes kari and eric....he surprised me and came out for like 6 days
it was seriously was so good i had no idea he was coming and when i saw him i was in total shock and just sat there like an idiot staring at him

i love him so much....i had so much fun with you this weekend
even though we didnt really do anything that special i still had a great time with you
i know that even though we had some trouble on saturday night everything worked out and i know that we can handle anything together as long as we stay and work it out and not just get up and leave....cause u even told me u hate it when people leave during a fight and u were so ready to walk out the door
i love being able to fall asleep with you and wake up and just cuddle up closer to you
make up sex is better than i had thought it would be
sorry im broken

thank you for coming to meet my parents....i know u didnt want to but u did good and it would be pretty hard to not like you

i cant wait to go up there on friday

i hate the airport its always such bad memories for me....i hate having to leave the line and watch you go away

i also managed to get my cell phone taken away...i guess thats what happens when you get a 630 dollar phone bill
we will figure something out babe so dont worry

i cant wait to see you and im so excited.....hopefully i will be fixed by the time i see u on friday

i need to take a break from smoking.....i smoked all day and all night last night and im kinda burnt out
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Time:11:49 pm
mother fucker i hate math
why am i so retarded at it
my brain just cant comprehend the conepts in that class

i wish that everything would be fixed

i hate the way i feel right now

i cant wait for the weekend

work is going good im getting better but the people are getting worse that come in
health inspectors are crazy.....on fuckin power trips

ahh goodnight
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